Why do people opt for vibrating butt plugs instead of traditional ones

he P-spot and G-spot. But then, after using a butt plug for a while, it’s natural to crave for “little extra”- an extra zing that can add more spice to your plug play sessions. How about having some buzz at the backdoor? If you have used vibrator before you know how incredibly hot the sensation could be. Why not enjoy the buzz at the backdoor as well? Now, that would be really hot! And thus, you have the supercool vibrating butt plugs to take your plug plays to just the next level.

What are vibrating butt plugs?

The vibrating butt plugs are intelligently designed plug toys that house an in-built vibrator. You will find a tiny vibrating bullet inside the plug which will start to buzz as you turn the vibrator on. These vibrators run on batteries and most of these are easily rechargeable.

Why are vibrating plugs so exciting?

Once you get the taste of vibrating butt plugs, you would hardly like to use your plain traditional butt plugs. Please don’t misunderstand, conventional butt plugs are great fun and they have served you with that desired high till date. But then, vibrating butt plugs are little more special. We always prefer to avail “some little extra” if it’s available easily. And vibrating butt plugs promise to unleash some never-explored butt fun that haven’t even thought of yet.

Powerful buzz equates to stronger orgasms

Traditional butt plugs go inside and create a fuller feeling inside your anal. It’s stimulating no doubt but when you can add some buzz to the whole game, things turn even more exciting.

Choose from various frequencies

One of the coolest aspects of vibrating butt plugs is that these tiny bullet vibrators allow you to choose from various frequencies. The best ones enable you to choose from as many as 10 frequencies. Thus, you will have complete control on the level of buzz you wish to feel at the backdoor.

Some days, when you are slightly tired, a lower setting on the frequency would be really relaxing. You can switch to higher frequencies on the nights when you are in mood for hardcore bold adventures. However, you should always set the plug on lowest frequency when you first insert it into your butt. As the toy gets into position inside, you may gradually amp up the frequency setting.

Remote-controlled vibrating butt plugs

One of the latest additions to the world of vibrating butt plugs is remote-controlled plugs. It’s certainly a welcome addition to the family and has been embraced by users far and wide with glee.

As the name says, this is a vibrating butt plug which can be controlled by a remote control. Thanks to the remote control mechanism, your partner or you won’t have to slide your fingers into your anus repeatedly to change the vibrator settings.

The best advantage of vibrating butt plugs is that they allow your partner to control you remotely and hence are especially great for long-distance relationships. The modern versions can be operated by an app that your partner can easily download in his mobile phone. Now, whenever you would be in a mood for some virtual intimate session, just wear the plug and let your partner control the buzz remotely.

Vibrating butt plug tails

Do you love to play with butt plug tails? Well, in that case, you will be glad to know that some modern butt plug tails come with a vibrating bullet as well. And they will certainly add some more flair and sensuality to your regular tail play sessions.

Why can’t you use vaginal vibrator?

If you already use a vaginal vibrator you may be wondering why you can’t use the same for your anal. You must be pondering that getting a whole new vibrating butt plug would be just a waste of money. Well, this is not the fact; using your vaginal vibrator in your anal could be risky and dangerous. This is because the regular vibrator does not come with a flared base or stand. As you insert them, the toy may easily get lost inside your anus.

On the other hand, the vibrating butt plugs come with a flared base as they are typically designed for the anus. This way, the toy will never get lost inside your anus.

Top vibrating butt plugs for you

Let’s wind up this amazing discussion with a brief on some of the best vibrating butt plugs in the town today.

Honey Adult Play Vibrating Butt Plug

You have a nifty silicone vibrating butt plug which promises to take you to the seventh heaven of ecstasy with its powerful buzz. It’s made from 100 percent medical-silicone and hence you can be guaranteed of no risk of allergies here. Then, it’s a removable toy which means you can use the bullet and butt plug separately for multi-dimensional stimulation. Mention must be made of the toys spiral ridges that assure a thrilling stimulation as the toy slowly gets inside you.

Utimi Vibrating butt plugs

The best part about this model is that you get it in a complete set with plugs in varying sizes. The set is absolutely great for beginners who are just starting out in the domain. Being a newbie, you will start with the smallest size and then gradually attempt for larger sizes once you get acquainted with the toy inside you. The vibrator is rechargeable and allows you to experiment with as many as 10 various frequencies. Like the previous one, this one too is made from silicone and hence extremely comfortable to use.

Petit Sensations Butt Plug

This one come with a removable vibrator so that you can use the plug and the bullet separately, as per your moods. It’s a slim toy, easy to insert, and hence especially great for the newbies.

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