Tips for maintaining your love toys after and before use

Toys for adults are different, not only in form and purpose, but also on the materials from which they are made. And for different materials need a different care. How to clean the butt plug?

How to wash a toy for adults?

The first thing to remember about the owner of a sex toy is that it needs to be washed after use and sometimes before it. Of course, this is not the most pleasant thing, but one cannot get away from it, because:

  • Dirty toy unpleasant to use;
  • From it, you run the risk of catching a bacterial infection or even a venereal disease, if someone else used it before you.

There are five ways to clean your favorite sex toy:

Water and soap: Wash the toy in warm water, and then lather it with antibacterial soap. Leave the toy for 2-5 minutes, and then rinse the foam thoroughly. After that, wipe or dry your device.

Boiling: Wash the toy with soap and then gently immerse it in a pot of boiling water and leave it on the fire for 10 minutes. After the time has elapsed, drain the water and wait for the toy to cool. Remove the toy from the pan and dry it.

Chlorination: Mix the solution of bleach and water in the ratio of 1: 9. Wash the toy with soap, and then briefly immerse it in the chlorine compound or wipe the toy with a sponge dipped in liquid. After chlorination, rinse the toy in water and dry it.

Dishwasher: Place the toy on the top shelf of the dishwasher and turn on the delicate wash mode. Do not add any detergent! Then dry the toy.

Special tools: For quick cleaning of toys, there are special antibacterial solutions and gels. Use them following the instructions.

Never remove a toy for storage without making sure that it is completely dry, otherwise moisture may cause mold or mildew on silicone surfaces. Wipe a sex toy with a paper napkin or a lint-free cloth. Also do not forget that the toy must be cleaned before first use and after prolonged storage. To serve your favorite toys as long as possible, follow these simple rules:

  • Turn off the toy and remove the batteries before washing.
  • If the toy is not completely waterproof, avoid water from entering the charging connector, as well as inside the case.
  • Toys with mechanical parts must not be chlorinated, boiled or washed in a dishwasher.
  • If you use a condom with a toy , you also need to wash it.
  • Keep sex toys in a dry, dark and cool place.

Sex toy materials and care

As mentioned above, the cleaning method must be chosen depending on what your toy is made of, otherwise you risk to spoil it. Let’s take a closer look at each material for sex toys.

Silicone: Medical silicone is a soft, hygienic and absolutely non-porous material, which is very often used in the manufacture of products for sex. If your toy consists entirely of silicone and does not contain electronic components or mechanical parts, it can be cleaned in any way. If the toy is silicone partly, then it should be washed with soap and treated with special means.

Plastic: Plastic is a hard, non-porous material that can be sensitive to high temperatures, so toys cannot be boiled out of it. Plastic devices can be washed with soap and wiped with special products. Chlorinating such toys is acceptable, but undesirable, since in some cases plastic may change color.

Glass: Glass sex toys can be cleaned in any way. Just before boiling or putting the toy in the dishwasher, make sure it is made of durable borosilicate glass; otherwise, the glass may not withstand high temperatures. Also, do not use abrasive cleaners instead of soap, as they may scratch the glass.

Metal: Metal toys for adults can be cleaned in any way other than a dishwasher, as some rinsing agents can negatively affect certain metals. Toys made from this material must not be cleaned with tools intended for the care of jewelry.

Tree: Wooden toys are usually coated with a coating that prolongs the life of the wood and makes the surface smooth and safe. These toys should not be chlorinated, boiled and washed in a dishwasher.

Ceramics: To care for ceramic sex toys, use any method other than cleaning in the dishwasher. Such toys, as well as glass, cannot be cleaned with abrasives.

Elastomers: The elastomeric is a very soft material, but in some cases it can be porous. Elastomeric toys can be washed with soap and cleaned with special products.

Cyber skin and other realistic materials: Materials that mimic the skin are very porous, and therefore it is difficult to care for them. When taking care of sex toys from realistic materials, remember that they are very easy to damage. Such toys can be cleaned with soap and water only washes it off very carefully or with a special agent. Also, do not forget to store cornstarch on cyber skin toys before storage: the surface of the toy will not become sticky over time.

Water and soap – in general, a good option: In the end, if you wash your toys with the same water, which are it, then no additional threats are created for you. For toys is created.

Soap reduces the life of the device. Even if you rub a great dildo you got online with intimate soap for “gentle zones”, it suffers more than your gentle zone. That is, at one time, maybe not more, but his sufferings, unlike yours, accumulate. Your “natural environment” is renewed as long as you are alive, just like the lipid layer of your skin. But the toy itself cannot grow back anything. And, if in a year you buy for yourself “the same, only new” and compare the color, then you will find that the old toy (if only it was not black initially) gives yellowness. This silicone pores have expanded, and the bacteria have settled in them.

Pulsator or vibrator: feel the difference

Particularly anxious girls after washing they pour vibrators with chlorhexidine or miramistin. These substances are well disinfected. It is only necessary not to wipe – and water and leave to dry. This option does not suit many virtuous wives and mothers. Besides, watering electrical contacts and joining seams with chlorhexidine is no better than watering them with water. Therefore, sooner or later you will come to the conclusion that you need a special tool for cleaning toys. Yes, even if the toy is simple to the primitiveness, and even if it is extremely technological.

Special toy cleaner

This is the best option now possible. Most of them clean and disinfect. And it is applied using a spray gun – so that electrical parts do not suffer. Splashed, wiped with a napkin – done! Extra bonus: all manipulations can be performed in the bedroom, and not rush into the bathroom past the nursery, hiding the toy in its sleeve.

Here the main thing for you is not to confuse the cleaner and sanitizer (antiseptic): the first you use instead of soap and water, the second – AFTER the standard wash (for disinfection of cleaned surfaces that are not subject to washing parts and complex reliefs).

How to choose a cleaner: Antiseptic for sex toys

He literally this winter went on sale on sale. This is not a replacement for cleaning, but an addition to it. After the standard cleansing procedure, apply a thin layer of sanitizer – it will evaporate from the surface in seconds, having time to penetrate the structure of the material, but destroying the bacteria. No further manipulations with the toy will be required. Perhaps only with his help and you can adequately clean up toys with spikes or grooves. In addition to that you can also check Loveplug’s blog for more info and tips about handling and taking care of our sex toys before and after use. Be sure to read some you might find it handy and informative.

Woman Toy Clean Cleaner Spray

Giants of intimate cosmetics produce a product without color, odorless, it does not contain alcohol and therefore is suitable for all types of materials, including latex, silicone, rubber, PVC, leather.

Swiss Navy toy and body cleansing spray

This thing is well done with any multi-component designs. If you have vaginal balls with inserts or a relief, then you need to clean them just with this spray. But, best of all, he will help you out on the road: for him, too, is safe and even useful. Well, you never know, you love sex in the woods or on the beach. The soul is not there, but this is not a reason to feel like a dirty woman or to enter into a relationship with a dirty man!