July 27, 2019


Come and visit the the newest BDSM club. The Ratri JazzTaurant Club is open ready for some fun. If you wish to hang out in a relaxing environment, dance, play or just come to chat and listen to some music then please feel free to do so.

The Club is a safe place for owned girls to come dance and make rays(if I can get people in there) with out the usual club BS of unwanted pms or harassment.  Play room and public scening is welcome as well as nudity.

Sick of traditional BDSM clubs letting in riff raff?

Come here and relax, the club is monitored and rules are strictly enforced to insure all there can enjoy the area.( looking for security volunteers to help enforce rules and insure peaceful settings, must have people skills in dealing with security issues) All rules are posted by the front entrance. Can’t miss them and not reading them could get you booted so please take the time when you first enter to read them while you are waiting for the room to load. 

There will be themed nights:

Country Kitten Night: Night of boot scooting fun and country tunes (Don your cowboy hats and spurs baby!!)

Couples Night: A night just for couples and or Master/Slave, Mistress/Slave can just come to enjoy their union and have a nice relaxing night.

Singles Night: Where singles only can mix and mingle in a safe friendly atmosphere and maybe a new romance can happen

Meet and Greet: A night new subs and new to the BDSM lifestyle online or real time come to meet those who have experience and wisdom to share in a non-threatening atmosphere .

Contest Night: A variety of different contests, from a command contest, to a best and worst dress outfits to the best matching outfits for BDSM, will be posting bulletins.

Please feel free to visit this announcement page for you to be notified of all other events and news.