This site started as a collection of links of my favorite videos that showcase the bests in gagging porn. I wanted to have a place where I can dump everything in one place, so I can check them again for later viewing.

 One Saturday night, I hosted a party to meet some friends. One asked me for my porn collection, and the only collection I had was the links I uploaded on this website. So, I gladly provided the address for her own consumption, but I never expected it to blow up one day. Apparently, she shared the link to her other friends, and that’s when the followings started to grow.

 It was an accident creating a community based on gagging porn, but It was a perfect opportunity to continue producing content for those who share the same fetish, or those who have curious minds.

 Today, I work with an amazing team to produce high-quality content including write-ups, video content, and a collection of videos that you have come to love.

 Come and enjoy!